A top secret organization involved in the killing of evils who the law cannot bring to justice. There are only six in existence at any time. As stated by Ogami, the code numbers assigned to them does not necessarily indicate their strength, but indicate the time when they started working for Eden. However, Code: Breaker 01, also known as the Ace, is typically the strongest of the six. Each Code: Breaker adds their own addition to the Code of Hammurabi. Their abilities operate on a limited capacity and will have adverse effects on the body if overused, resulting in a loss of their powers for 24 hours, also called "lost form". It is later revealed that Code: Breaker will eventually die from their own powers. Aside from the Ace, all the current Code: Breakers have been revealed.

Related GroupsEdit

There are two known groups that work under the name: The Code: Numbers and The Code: Names

Code: NumbersEdit

The group that was introduced from the start. These are the ones who would go to eliminate the targets assigned to them. They are generally restricted to their assignments and are not allowed to go beyond the work, otherwise they could lose what they are trying to accomplish, or at the worst, be marked down as "potential threat to Eden"

Code No.1 (The Ace): Unknown

Code No.2: Masaomi Heike

Code No.3: Yuuki Tenpouin

Code No.4: Toki Fujiwara

Code No.5: Rui Hachiouji

Code No.6: Rei Ogami

Code: NamesEdit

They are four members of the Code: Breakers whose skills are so strong they are given Names instead of Numbers. Unlike the Numbers, the Names are allowed to kill whoever they wish, such as the Closer killing innocent civilians merely because a person bumped into him. Some are even shown to possess two abilities rather than just one. It is currently unknown what purpose the Code: Names are given within Eden.

Past Code: Names

  1. Code:Emperor
  2. Code:Seeker

Current Code: Names

  1. Code:Closer ('Saechika' Hachiouji)
  2. Code:Revenger (Takatsu Aoba)
  3. Shigure
  4. Kagero
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