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Code:Emperor is the title given to the wielder of the Seven Flames and is also one of the 4 founders of Eden.


Not much of his original appearance is known, but thus far he is shown to be somewhat shrouded in his flames, and has a psychotic look on his face.When he first awakened from his slumber, he took the form of a small blue fireball. Later in chapter 103, Code:Emperor appears in a form of a small boy. He said that since he is just a residual of soul, that form(small boy) is the best he can do, when Oogami teased him.


From the little that has been seen, he is shown to be totally arrogant about his abilities, always proclaiming himself as "The Great Emperor". He relishes the idea of making people submit to him with brute force, and is more than likely to burn someone before asking questions. Interestingly, underneath his fearsome facade, he is a very gentle person who cries when he reads sad stories. He also enjoys good songs, commenting that songs.


Ogami Rei

Rui Hachiouji


Four founder of Eden


Nothing much is known at this point, except that left arm belongs to him. He controls the "Azure Flame" which is strongest ability known to Eden and the Code:Breakers. ogami is the only one that can control the Emperor's power. Also, he develops a crush on Rui and falls in love with her voice as well.In Chapter 109, it is shown that Code:Emperor, starts to remember Heike. He recognised Heike, and remembered that he was one of the people, along with Heike to build Eden. He couldnt recognised Heike earlier was due to his previous flame form. In chapter 110 and 111 we are told that Code:Emperor, Heike, and Sakura's real mother founded Eden.


Code Emperor is the original user of the Flames of Purgatory, and his descendants are capable of using some of the Seven Flames; Ogami is unique in that he was aable to use all seven as a child. Unlike Ogami, Code:Emperor can completely control the demons.

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