Rare Kind is the term given to people with the ability to negate the special powers of others. They are unlike other power users in that their lost form requires an exlir to restore their orginal form. Their blood is also needed to open pandora's box.


Outwardly, they are perfectly normal people with normal personality, but they are naturally cruel, heartless and ruthless. As quoted by Yukihana, Rare kind have no evil or dirty intention; they are like new born babies, with no understand on the meaning of life. This particular nature seems to be invoked on extreme trauma, as shown with Sakura, when she suddenly remembers memories from her past.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Ability Nullification: Rare kinds have the ability to negate the special powers of others. It seems that this power is in their blood as Shibuya's costume is coated with his blood and special powers cannot affect the costume as well. Another example is that the new school building was built with shibuya's blood mixed in, making it so that special powers couldn't be used in the school.

Rare kind's power are not only defensive, it is also offensive. They are capable removing the source of one's ability along with their life, killing them eventually.

Lost StateEdit

It seems that when a rare kind over uses their power they shrink to a small doll size. This is unlike other "lost forms" in that after 24 hours they still do not return to normal. A special elixir made with the blood of a rare kind is required for them to return to normal.

Known Rare KindsEdit

  • Sakura Sakurakouji
  • Shibuya
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