Re-Code is the name of the group, where there are others with powers that work against the Code: Breakers. They are led by a man described as "the one being sought".


They all seem to follow the belief that "Justice is Strength". Each one of them sees absolutely no value in human life, and will kill anyone for just crossing their path. Some even find joy in killing hundreds of innocent people just to do so or even their own teammates when they are deemed no longer worthy. It is currently unknown why they have these views, but there appears to be various reasons for it, such as

  1. the cruel actions they suffered at the hands of people because of their powers,
  1. It is also stated one loses their soul looking into The One Being Sought's eyes, suggesting some form of mind control
  1. It could also be because they see themselves as gods, as they usually have god in their nickname (Rui was the god Guardian where Kouji is known as the god of Destruction).


Unlike the Code: Breakers, there appears to only be four Re-Code agents though it is said that there were six of them by Sendou. After that there are divisional members.


Divisional membersEdit

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