Shibuya is one of the supporting characters of the manga, and is the father of Sakura Sakurakouji. He is the Student Council President as well as the Principal of Kibou High.


He wears a huge 'Nyanmaru' costume in the manga, since he is supposed to be a non-existent. Though he looks fat, the mascot itself makes him look big. He also wears another costume apart from the former, and he was seen as a fit man on some chapters of the manga. Rui and Ogami are the only ones who know his true appearance, much to his discomfort.


He is an odd person who is alway claiming to be Nyanmaru, even though they pointed out to him there is a zipper on his back.

Shibuya enjoys teasing people with certain methods, which more often than not, gets the other characters ticked off and try to attack him comically, which at times does not work since his abilites nullify their powers. He is also whimsical about doing things, even the teaching staff in his school grumble about he suddenly changes rules to fit his ways, as shown when he was hiding the Re-Codes in the school.

Despite his jokes, he does have a serious side, especially when it comes to his daughter



Sakurako Sakurakouji - His Wife
Sakura Sakurakouji

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Rei Ogami

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