Toki Fujiwara is Code: Breaker 04 and is one of the major characters in the manga





Special Abilities / TalentsEdit

Special Ability

Toki's abilities is magnetism. This power allows him to attract and repel all metallic object as projectiles, can be used to destroy electronic equipment and grants him sonar-like sense detector towards any metal weaponary(ex. guns), which make him invulnerable for shooting target. When serious, Toki uses "Hydrogyrum" or Liquid Mercury in battle, which he controls with great ease to be very flexible and with it, he was able to even create clones of himself.

After his training with Shibuya, he becomes much stronger, so much that he blew a hole in the house wall (the wall is partly metal) during his spar with Shibuya(who had shown some severe injury from the impact). Later during the Re-Code's raiding of Shibuya Mansion in order to obtain the Pandora's box, it is discovered the secret of Toki's new found strength is that he learned to control magnetism using "attraction" by applying the Gauss Principle(or Principle of Least Constraint, using constraints to create acceleration between two objects), thus creating "Gauss Canon", through the use of his arms.The power it holds is indeed immense as he was able to blast back Kouji( Scarred Re:Code 03, also called the "God of Destruction" because of his great combat prowess) several feet because of its power.

Lost FormEdit

His lost form is a child (a smaller version of him).


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