Yukihina is one of the main antagonists in the series and is one of the six Re-Codes underneath the "The One Being Sought".


He has dark skin with long dark hair, which he ties in a long ponytail. He is often seen wearing a jacket with his hood on and long black jeans with sneakers. Underneath he has bandages wrapped all around his upper torso and arms, with a tatoo located at the chest area.

In the past, he wore the standard uniform of the soldier during the Meji era.


Yukihina is shown to be a somewhat distant and very calm person as he is rarely intimidated by anything. He was shown to be smiling when "The One Being Sought" had regained his lost power as he said that "I don't care about the system or new legal code, but all he cares about is destruction and killing. I never get bored being with him."

Yukihina has a slightly sadistic side to his personalitity as he was smiling and was amused by Rui Hachinoji when he was killing her to give him the Card key to Paradox's box as he said that "You screaming in pain isn't bad either."

He has also shown that he has respect for "The One Being Sought" as when he dies he sid that his mind blanked out for a second which Rui interpertates that Yukihina was sad becuase he respected "him" so much like she did in the past.


Heike Masaomi - He has known him from the past and hates him with a deep passion for taking away his "life" and "living". Often than not, he would say he looks forward to seeing Heike kneel before him in a pool of blood.


  • The One Being Sought
  • Kouji
  • Rui Hachinoji

Code: Breakers



Special Abilities / TalentsEdit

Shapes of Water - the ability to manipulate water into different forms such as solid(ice), liquid(water in its most common state) and possibly into gas. He was first shown being able to freeze the temperature around him to the point where he has covered the entire room in ice(until Sakura uses her power and nullifies it). He is next shown being able to form spikes of ice out in the air and use them as projectiles weapons. He is also shown to use water as a form of sword and can cause extreme damage when he uses it.

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