Yuuki Tenpouin is Code: Breaker 03 and one of the major characters of the manga.


Yuki has dark red hair,He usually wears along sleeve yellow jacket hoodie with black combat boots. Most of the time yuki wears plain brown pants with a loosley tied belt.Yuki's hair is wild going spikey in the back but split to two sides to cover his ears.When not in battle yuki wears a black shirt with tan pants.His lost form is a cat, but he keeps his necklace on.


At first glance, he seems pretty calm and childish but goes on a rampage if anyone makes him angry, comically due to his fascination with Nyanmaru, which he idolises. He's also quite simple minded, when he's first introduced he hasn't eaten in three days, forgot where he lived, lost his wallet and gave his phone to a stranger and spent the rest of his money on a crane game.




Rei Ogami






Special Abilities / TalentsEdit

===Special Ability === ===Lost Form ===


High Intellect: Despite his rather odd and unusual behavior Yuuki has been known to be extremly intelligent as he had graduated from thew famous Oxford University at only 12 years old, which literally is amazing as there are no known people (even among high status) that are are able to gradute at such a young age.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Yuuki has been shown to have great skill in melee combat as he was able to smash two thugs simply by knocking both of them out and even beat Toki till he flew in mid-air